Supreme Ultimate Method School

About S.U.M School

Our school is a traditional school. We call it “The S.U.M. School” to call attention to the Supreme Ultimate Method that is the core of the training. The Supreme Ultimate Method’s “Three Words of Salvation” are:  #1. Practice; #2. Practice; and #3. Practice.  Through practice we discover secrets of individual and group success. Repeating drills over and over again brings deeper engagement with the movements and the timing.  With repetition the practitioner develops physical, mental and spiritual awareness:  the practice becomes a moving meditation. This is Kung-Fu! “Kung” in southern Chinese means “work”, and “Fu” means “time”. At S.U.M. School, Kung -Fu means “mastery of a certain skill through a lot of work over a long period of time.”

Kung-Fu has nothing to do with martial arts directly. One may have good kung fu skills as a cook or a blacksmith, or as a martial artist. In Chinese, martial arts is generally called “wu shu”. The Chinese symbol for “wu” is a picture of an outstretched open hand stopping a spear. Therefore, wu shu actually means “the art of stopping violence or unbalanced energy with just an open hand.” In that open hand there is no weapon, but there is “chi”; in that open hand there is no weapon but there is authority. So when you say “stop” to those people carrying weapons, they listen. S.U.M. school systems of wu shu were founded thousands of years ago have been passed down for many generations. The primary martial arts system is called the Supreme Ultimate Method, or Tai Chi Chuan. This is the highest system martial art. Its origins are in the Toaist temples at WuDang Mountains.

There are several systems that support S.U.M., the Supreme Ultimate Method. First, there is “Wang Shen Chuan Shu”, or” the King’s Spirit Fist Art”. This is a Shaolin type of martial art. Secondly, there is DaoYin Jia, the school of Chinese Yoga exercises. Thirdly, BaGua Zhang, the “Eight Directional Palms Practice”, and finally Xing Yi Chuan, ” the Shape and Will Fist”. These four schools of training support the S.U.M. like the four legs of a chair or the four wheels of a car. This is our school. All of our classes are performed outside in nature or online.   

 Our school has been blessed by having as one of its founder’s Grandmaster Zhao Zeng Fu, the inheritor of the Zhao Bao style of Tai Chi Chuan, the original style of Tai Chi. Tai Chi had formed in Wu Dang temples and Zhao Bao village was the first place outside of the temples that it was taught. From the Zhao Bao village, it then was taught to the Chen village. After the Chen village it was taught to Yang Lu Chan, whose decendents in turn taught it to the world. Our school focuses on the Yang family style, then moves onto the Chen style, and then finally culminates in the study of Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan.