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Welcome to SUM school! A traditional martial arts school that seeks to bring paradise to earth through the practice of the Supreme Ultimate Way.

Come, let us truly discover who the most important person in your life really is. Come, and let us discover how there is so much pain in your body and mind. What is all of that confusion in your life? Come this way and let us follow the Supreme; come this way and let us discover the Ultimate.

First of all, what is the Supreme Ultimate? The Supreme Ultimate is the highest system of self discovery known to humankind. You will never reach your highest self unless you “dis-cover” your original self. That is the self at your most basic life root. The prenatal self. 

About S.U.M School

About S.U.M School

Our school is a traditional school. We call it “The S.U.M. School” to call attention to the Supreme Ultimate Method that is the core of the training. The Supreme Ultimate Method’s “Three Words of Salvation” are:  #1. Practice; #2. Practice; and #3. Practice.  Through practice we discover secrets of individual and group success. Repeating drills over and over again brings deeper engagement with the movements and the timing.  With repetition the practitioner develops physical, mental and spiritual awareness:  the practice becomes a moving meditation.

Master Jesse Teasley

Master Jesse Teasley

A renowned master of Asian martial arts, Master Jesse Teasley has specialized in Tai Chi Chuan for forty years. Born and raised in New York, he has studied with some of the world’s most famous Tai Chi masters in New York City China Town, Canada, Hong Kong, Shanghai and at the Purple Cloud Temple in the Wu Dang Mountains, the birth place of Tai Chi. He has received numerous gold medal awards nationally and internationally and is one of the few Americans who has been honored as a Grand Master in China. He has choreographed music videos and stage productions as well. In 2004, he and his students from his New York school were invited to represent the US at the Cultural Olympics in Korea. He now has schools in New York and Virginia and leads classes, workshops and seminars worldwide.

In addition to Tai Chi, Master Teasley has studied a number of disciplines from a variety of instructors. Some of these disciplines and instructors were:

Chinese Kung Fu Teachers: Fabian Williams; Richard Griffin; Wang Hai Xiang; Tam Xhit Yu; Zhao Zeng Fu

Japanese Karate Teachers: Charles Abbney; Russel Davenport; Ronald Jackson   

East Indian Yoga Teachers: Lisa Elmwood; Tim  Bayard

African Boxing Teacher: G. M. C.J. Kham 


The Martial Arts Lineage of Master Jesse Teasley

Wu Shu
“Martial Arts”
Wang Sheng Chuan Shu:

1500 – Wang Family
1756 – Wu Ming Ho
1803 – Wang Li 
1859 – Lu Ying Wei
1910 – Wang Hai Xiong
1954 – Fabian Williams
1960 – Richard Griffen
1964 – Jesse Teasley

Tao Yin Jia
“The Natural Soft Form”
Taoist Yoga

Taoist Priest Wu Dang
Cho Kun Yat
Cho Chat Ling
Paulie Zink
Jesse Teasley

Smi Tawi
“The Way of Upper and Lower”
“The Art of Fighting as Straight as a Shaft”

3000 BCE – Nile Village
1775 ADE – Grand Master Hapi
1871 – Master Farouk
1915 – Master Ayman Ehab
1938 – Master Ali Ahmed
1952 – Master C. Kham
1964 – Master Jesse Teasley

Nihon Budo
“Japanese Martial Arts”
“The Way of the Empty Hand”

13 B.C. Simple Villagers
1877 Monk Uji, Shihan
1903 Tanka Ken, Shihan
1922 George Tanaka, Sensei
1947 Ronald Johnson, Sensei
1959 Charles Abbney, Sensei
1964 Jesse Teasley, Sensei

Zhao Bao

Zhang San Feng
Taoist Priests
Wang Zong Yue
Jiang Fa
Xing Xihuai
Zhang Chuchen
Various Masters
Zhao Zeng Fu
Jesse Teasley

He Style

Chen Qing Ping
He Zhaoyuan
He Qing Xi
Zheng Wu Qing
Kei Cheong-Sau
Jesse Teasley

Yang Style

Jiang Fa
Chen Chang Hsien
Yang Lu Chan
Yang Ban Hou
Yang Cheng Fu
Yang Sho Zhong
Tam Xhit Yu
Jesse Teasley

Monkey Style
Kung Fu Fan

Grand Master Yu
Jesse Teasley

Tai chi

Tai Chi Class Schedule
  • Saturday – Beginner Class 9:00 am – 10:00am, Advanced Class 10:00 am – 11:00 pm at 3201 Hill St, Lynchburg, VA
  • Sunday – Beginner Class 8:00 am, Church of the Covenant, 4415 Boonsboro Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24503
  • Tuesday– Advanced Class 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, 3201 Hill St, Lynchburg, VA

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